Searching for replacement mainboard in P2411

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Searching for replacement mainboard in P2411

Postby ckv » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:11

Hi there
We do have a problem with one of those.
First the P2411 was booting up and after some seconds it starts all over again with a reboot.
We changed the harddisk which was also broken and everything was just fine.
The System was built up new with XPSP3 and online for three days.

After shuting down the system and bringing this one back to the Customer the screen was only black at the customers buero.
From this moment up, the system doesn't boot up again.
Power is ok. Power on works fine but meanwhile we're getting two short beep signals while "booting".
Monitor remains black.

Does anyone know a fitting and still available mainboard for the esprimo P2411 ?!
We Would be glad for any help.

Is there any producer who still sells a replacement mainboard which is fitting in th P2411
The serial number is YK9D047575

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