esprimo p2510. PCI Graphics card

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esprimo p2510. PCI Graphics card

Postby paul123 » Wed Dec 09, 2009 18:47

Hi I am trying to intstall a PCI graphics card on my Esprimo p2510. nvida fx 5500.250 meg menory. When I plug the card in the pc does not boot up, nothing on the monitor, and beeps 3 times the fan on the card works ok. so I presume the card is seated correctly. even when I unplug the monitor lead and put it back into the original onboad output the pc will not boot up.. I have had a look in the bios to see if I could take out the onboard graphics function, but here is no mention on disable/enable graphics! there are 2 pci slots I have tried card in both..
Anyone know how to resolve this issue :?
Thanks Paul

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