[P7935] CPU runs permanently

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[P7935] CPU runs permanently

Postby Bingle » Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:38


Any suggestions as to why the CPU Fan is now permanently on?

The change occurred directly after I installed a passive-cooled Graphics Card (Sapphire Radeon HD3450) on my Esprimo P7935 with an Intel Q45 motherboard. This should be within the 300W power supply's capability. The CPU Fan is now blowing maximum air all the time.

Steps I took to install the graphics card:
1. Uninstalled the Windows Vista drivers for the onboard graphics (did not disable)
2. Powered down, plugged in the card
3. Powered up, allowed the hardware PCI Express auto-detect to work, then restarted
4. Installed the ATI software from CD
5. on re-powering set the BIOS Primary Controller to PCI

Steps I took to test the cause of the problem:
1. Powered down, removed the new video card, left it for 5 minutes, restarted (no effect)
2. Checked the heatsink was firmly in place on the CPU (seems rock solid)
3. Returned the BIOS Primary Display Controller to original settings

None of these has made any difference :?

Any suggestions gratefully received,


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Re: [P7935] CPU runs permanently

Postby Rich5578 » Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:56

Just a thought but have you tried another CPU fan? Most CPU fans have 4 pins, one more than a normal case fan, this is what is used to control the fan's speed. Try another fan with 4 pins, at the least this will eliminate the possiblility of it being the fan at fault.

You can also try re-setting the bios, this can usually be done with a jumper on the motherboard or by removing the CMOS battery (You will need to reset the clock and any bios settings so good idea to note your settings first)

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Re: [P7935] CPU runs permanently

Postby barbarax » Fri May 29, 2009 11:16

How much of a difference in gaming does a cpu make? Hi, I'm thinking of getting a quad core 2.4 ghz intel q6600 cpu in my gaming pc, but I'd save lots more money If I went for something like a dual core 3.0 ghz or the like. Should I buy that and spend thesaved money on a better graphics card?
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