[P2510] Wireless Problems

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[P2510] Wireless Problems

Postby Khalid Garafi » Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:43

I own the a Fujitsu/Seimenns Desktop system with the following spec’s:
• ESPRIMO 2510
My problem is that I can not connect to the net via a network. I have done the following:
• Formatted the system and re-installed all of the drivers and the operating system XP-SP2
• Everything else is working fine.
• When looking at the network status, I see Sent goes to 254 and Received 0 at all times.
• I tried Windows troubleshooter…..nothing…
• I tried installing a new (Known good) NIC……. Same problem……
• I manually entered the IP Address, Subnet, Gateway, and DNS numbers….. Nothing
Please help me with this problem and I am thankful to your support…
Khalid G. Salih
Executive Manager

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