[P2510] Doesn't start up past BIOS

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[P2510] Doesn't start up past BIOS

Postby lavarock09 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 18:55


I'm having some problems with my P2510 pc with Vista installed.

Every time I try to turn it on, it begins to load up BIOS, then hangs about half way through, and there's no way of getting it to carry on, I can't press F2 or F10 or anything.

Occasionally it will beep twice and say there was an error with a floppy disk (which there isn't one in the machine), but then it says Press F1, and when you press F1 it will boot into Vista (sometimes).

Usually it takes 10-15 restarts for it to actually go into Vista.

I assume there is some kind of BIOS fault? And if so, how can I fix it?


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Thomas FTS
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Re: [P2510] Doesn't start up past BIOS

Postby Thomas FTS » Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:00

Hi lavarock09,

please contact your local helpdesk. They can explain to you, how to perform a BIOS recovery. If this doesn't help, the mainboard has to be exchanged. In that case you have to contact them anyway.

Thomas FSC

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