BIOS Update for Esprimo

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BIOS Update for Esprimo

Postby cxxthomson » Fri Nov 10, 2006 18:36

I am trying to update the BIOS so that it does not reject a card that I want to insert. I have downloaded the BIOS update ( FLASH BIOS UPDATE DISK (D2264-A1x) ) from the website and copied it to CD. Should it not then automatically update the BIOS if is is in the CD Drive when I turn on the PC?

It does not and I do not know of another way to update the BIOS. The only thing that I see that is strange is that when I copy the files to CD, two of the files disappear namely AUTOEXEC.BAT and COMMAND.COM.

Anyone know what is happening and how to update the BIOS? :shock:

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Postby Demokritos » Sat Nov 11, 2006 13:44

As far as I know the way to update the BIOS is to copy the update (fully extracted) to a floppy disc, insert that disc and then restart the computer, which makes the computer go to the floppy disc and read the instructions there, once you've confirmed the process. When the BIOS has been updated you must remove the floppy disc before restarting the computer.

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Postby Cybertronic » Sat Nov 11, 2006 23:14

or.. If you have no flobby disc you can boot from a bootable DOS-CD (Win95/98) and start the Update-file from a USB Stick.
If you have FAT 32 , you can start the Update-file ( after you boot from CD ) from HDD.
Sometimes exist an full automatic BIOS Update program on your mainboard-CD. This program look for an update via Internet.
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Postby cxxthomson » Tue Nov 14, 2006 15:06

Thanks a lot for your help.

Downloading the update and copying the extracted files to a CD only works if you have a Bootable CD, apparently....

In the end I was told to download the FLASH version which comes as a BUP file. You then find the Drivers & Utilities disk that comes with the computer on which there is a BIOS update option. Use this to find the downloaded BUP file and hey presto you have an updated BIOS.

It would be helpful if Fujitsu gave you instructions to do this on their website!

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