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Esprimo P5600

Postby DodgyGeezer » Tue Feb 14, 2006 0:06


I have a question about noise levels and temperatures on this model.

Using speedfan to checkout the various temperatures there doesnt apear to be any cpu temp measurement only remote?

When i get above 50% cpu usage, which is very regular it sounds so noisey its about to take off and remote temp value goes up to 65c

my one has 3400 - and nvidia 6600 - 1 gig ram.

At the moment its fine when low cpu, but anything higher and its the noisiest computer i have ever used.

Whats safe temp for remote?


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Postby Juggernaut » Tue Feb 14, 2006 8:52

Speedfan cannot be used with FSC Mainboards. Try the FSC tool for this PC: ... F5DF665084

There you also see (colour coded in green, yellow, red) which emperature causes the fans to turn up. Green = low, Yello speeds up fans, red is critical, and the small grey line on top of the CPU temperature shows where the PC begins to slow down (throttle).

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