Problems With Lifebook AH530

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Problems With Lifebook AH530

Postby phil8715 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 14:39

I bought a Fujitsu Life Book AH530 in April this year from a Comet store in the UK. As anybody who is following the news in the UK knows, Comet has gone into administration and the stores are closing down.

My problem is this: I need to send it back as it's developed a few faults; these faults are: the DVD tray doesn't open when I press the button on the DVD tray to open it. It keeps freezing when I play offline games or go on the Internet. Also if I plug headphones into the headphone socket it doesn't register the headphones being there, and the sound carries on playing through the speakers. I have manually reset it in the sound settings.

The space bar is also very unresponsive.

I can open the DVD tray if I go into computer, right click on the DVD drive and press eject. Basically the eject button doesn't work.

Has anybody else had these issues?

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Re: Problems With Lifebook AH530

Postby sabrex » Tue Dec 11, 2012 13:53

I would register the fault with your local Fujitsu warranty desk and get it booked in.

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