A531, spacebar & fan noise

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A531, spacebar & fan noise

Postby lapuser » Mon Nov 12, 2012 16:08

Hello. two questions, both quite important

i had a packard bell i3 2370, very quiet machine. my fujitsu a531 i5-2450 (5 days old bought new) fan has a fairly noisy rasp spinning up every few seconds. is this as per the design...would an a531 i3-2350 be quieter ? (or a replacement i5?)

also, VERY important, possibly deal breaker and return for refund. my space bar ONLY works hitting the top middle. hitting the lower half or either end doesnt activate it properly. can this be fixed ?

an additional (important) idea for this. is it possible to use a tap on the touchpad, as a space bar, when the cursor is inside an edit box window (eg, notepad, a facebook edit box) so if typing, dotting the touchpad with the thumb, gives a space

there could be many ways to detect a space touchpad (as i am typing, this space bar issue absolutely slates the products performance..)
if the arrow is moved just before a tap, its a mouse click. if there is no touchpad activity (normal typing) a tap can be detected as space


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