Lifebook E751 annoying fan noise linux acpi

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Lifebook E751 annoying fan noise linux acpi

Postby stefanh » Tue Jun 05, 2012 15:05

I have a new Lifebook E751 (newest? BIOS V1.18) with Linux (Debian Wheezy, Kernel 3.2.0-2-amd64) installed. Most functions work well.

But the fan noise is absolutely annoying, therefore I cannot introduce this notebook with linux in my company. You cannot work with it on a desktop!

The fan runs for ca. 10 seconds laudly, probably with full power, then pauses ca. 30 seconds and so on. No PWM-Control possible?

In BIOS settings I choosed "Silent". Also there are no ACPI fan controls in /proc/acpi/ or /sys/devices/platform/, so I cannot control something with fancontrol. Is there a suitable kernel acpi modul to load manually? With the formerly installed win7 the fan was more silent, therefore there _is_ a possibility to control the fans.

Nb: What do the fujitsu engineers think about the thinkpad-acpi kernel-module? This is what the *nix users want!

Thanks for help!

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