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Life Book E Series

Postby gilson » Fri May 04, 2012 22:31

When I try to open up any program on my life book e series 8310 I get and application error...exe something for every program and it wont stop it just keep poping up for everthing on my desktop.

Sometimes I can open a program and it works fine but once i close it and try to reopen it a few seconds later it stops working again.

When I put in the system recovery DVD/CD it open as if the disk is blank.
When I put in the Driver & Utilities DVD 2007.06 it open and run and and installs
Just now something poped upped call System Mehcanic 6 repair and its running but yet to have found a problem.

I have no idea why this happen it was working fine one then the next stopped.
How do I restore it to an earlier point?
Can I use any Windows XP CD to reinstall if need be or does it have to be a fujitsu version of XP.
Any help would be greatful thanks

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