convert. tablet personalization configurations for artists

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convert. tablet personalization configurations for artists

Postby currykatsu » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:45

I have a suggestion for either the T901 convertible tablet or for a possible future model of tablet pc that Fujitsu comes out with.

Currently, the T901 is one of the only convertible tablets that one can configure discreet graphics. This makes it a tempting choice for artists, designers, and other digital content creators who use everything from photoshop to things like Maya and Zbrush- basically high-end graphical, modeling, and animation tools the require discreet graphics. The currently optional NVIDIA NVSTM 4200M is nice, but why not push it even further and offer an even higher level of GPU. One that is powerful enough to handle for example, both the playing of and creation of high end pc games, or as I mentioned, might poly modeling or sculpting.

Basically, a machine that you could use of things that one might normally use a Wacom Cintiq for, but with the added versatility, portability, and functionality of a tablet PC. Not only would you be able to work on high processor power tasks on it, but also use it for note, taking, or working in the field. Or perhaps consider a digital artist who can work now work in his/her perferred medium (drawing or painting directly on a computer) yet still be free to do so anywhere: in a park, garden, or other outdoor environment, right in front of the source or reference, live. Same thing with a modeler, animator, or even a editor for commercials or film- they could do all their jobs right on site. Having a dual digitizer than can utilize both pen input and touch input from fingers is also a brilliant idea, I am glad that Fujitsu does this well and puts this technology into their machines.

Portability and battery life could still be maintained by making the hardware able to switch between integrated graphics (for note-taking, web browsing, and other less intensive tasks,) and using dedicated graphics for more power hungry tasks.

Additionally, since I'd be proposing a configuration of a convertible tablet pc for people in creative/artistic fields, give them a choice of colors to get their tablet pc in, as an alternative to the strictly business-like black or silver. Making such a machine in red or blue, like Fujitsu has done with some of its other laptops (but hasn't yet done with convertible tablets) would be very appealing.

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Re: convert. tablet personalization configurations for artis

Postby RHAF » Thu Sep 22, 2011 20:48

Your suggestion is noted.

But be aware that it is very costly to produce/market such a specific spec system for a limited user group.

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