E8410 AC adapter killer / charging not work

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E8410 AC adapter killer / charging not work

Postby Mira80 » Thu Nov 18, 2010 21:38

I have a interesting problem with a Lifebook E8410 laptop. At morning i connect it, as usually when I'm on travel, to wall socket with AC adapter. nothing happens, laptot did not start to charge battery. I use another one adapter from my coleague, with result, that laptop start to charge for one or two seconds and stop. When I use multimeter and measure voltage from adapter, I seen zero Volts. So I borrow one port replicator and use it like in my office with another (third) adapter. Laptop will start to charge through replicator normally. I try to disassembly laptop and make visual check of power connector and all looks good without cold soldering. AC adapter I leave several hours without power and try to recconect to measure if it is OK, but not. During insertin cord to wall socket I seen short flashe due to charging capacitors in adapter but on output is still zero VOlts.
SO i try to connect laptot directly to laboratory power supply and 20 Volts / 4A goes to short and laptot did not start to charge battery.
But I think, that AC adapter must have short protection, so I didn't beleive, that connecting to a short circuit for a while can destroy it.
Anybody have idea, what can happen with my laptot, that from replicator charging work normally but from adapter connector not & adapter will broke up ?

Thank you

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