Fujitsu LActive FMV-680MC unable to boot USB

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Fujitsu LActive FMV-680MC unable to boot USB

Postby algeorge » Mon Aug 02, 2010 23:56

Hi I hope this is the right section of forum?
With this Japanese machine, Bios 2003, there is no option when F12 for USB boot. I have tried devices that work with other machines eg external USB HD, Pendrive, Card Reader, all with boot info and working fine with other machines. This is the first machine ever that I have not been able to boot USB. Unfortunately, it does not come either with CDROM or FDD, so I am up a creek, without a paddle!
Once Winxp is loaded of course its drivers take over and USB is no problem; its just during the boot sequence.
Am wanting to install PCLinuxOS. One possibility is to use a utility like plop which can be used in Windows to write a BIN file to MBR; it can instantiate USB devices at boot time.

However, there will be others on this forum who have no doubt been there, done that. Since I cant find anything amiss in the machines Setup at start, can anyone make any alternative suggestions please?

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