Lifebook P770 keyboard removal

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Lifebook P770 keyboard removal

Postby j0e » Mon Aug 02, 2010 15:36

It's not a question (wouldn't get an answer in this forum I guess), but a how-to, because we just found out:

- Lift the chrome line above the keyboard on the right side, then slide the cover out to the right side
- Lift the keyboard starting from the top, it's glued down with some double sided tape.
- Just pull out the connector, there's no movable part on that socket
- Replace the double sided glue points with new ones
- Push the connector carefully into the socket
- Slide the replacement keyboard in with the lowest part first, then press down onto the glue dots
- Slide in the chrome bar from right to left

I know it'll be difficult to find this posting, because the ingenious search function ignores "keyboard" as a "too common word" :shock: , so I hope Google was your friend.

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