S7110 Freezing/Restarting - Help greatly appreciated

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S7110 Freezing/Restarting - Help greatly appreciated

Postby schroedingerscat » Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:29

Hi guys,
I own a Lifebook S7110 which is only 4 years old, but its warranty has expired about a year ago. It got a memory and hdd upgrade 2 years ago and i'm running Windows 7 & Ubuntu 10.04 on it. Since recently I am experiencing some very SERIOUS and annoying issues. A couple weeks ago, I've noticed that the computer was running noisier than usual but checking the temperature sensors didn't concern me at all since everything was running on a higher level (than on XP) but still in the normal range.

The situation has worsen since lately. About two weeks ago my computer started to have unusual freezes and did restarts in the most ridiculous situations. Normal running under Windows just caused a restart which I thought was connected to some operating system issue. However, under Linux I'm experiencing same/similar issues since in addition it occasionally hangs when running under Linux. From this point on I was convinced it was a hardware issue. I've ran several tests including hardware check on Ubuntu, SiSoft Sandra (Windows) and the Fujitsu Diagnostic tool - along with some memory checking tools. None of them returned faulty and everything appears to be right. However, the restarts continue which makes working literally impossible since whenever I start working on it (input via keyboard/trackpad/trackball), it restarts all the sudden. In addition, whenever the system freezes or doesn't start, the scroll lock indicator light is flashing on the panel.

A friend suggested a faulty component of the motherboard to be the cause, but I can't confirm anything yet. Can anyone of you guys point me to the right direction? Any additional tests you would suggest, or has anyone in this forum experienced similar issues and solved them? I have tried to contact FSC support but they didn't get back to me. I deeply rely on a working computer.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

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