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Fujitsu Seimens Lifebook S7010D

Postby RoXXoR » Mon Jul 05, 2010 13:05

when i hit the power button on my laptop i hear the fan noise but nothing else no display just a blank screen.
i have 2 of these laptops the other working fine and when i power the working one up i hear the fan then it goes quiet then hear the dvdrom kick in and then 3 little locks num lock etc then hdd and a cd symbol flash on the digital panel. however i do not get any of this on the other one i have tested numerous parts from the broken one in the working one and they work fine (CPU Memory HDD Battery) any help would be appreciated as im baffled to what it could be. i have also tried tapping the laptop next to the touchpad like some of the other posts suggest but that doesnt work either. im just about to swap the displays over to test and maybe test the wireless card and anything else that can be swapped which then will just leave the mainboard that hasnt been tested.

have tried Mainboard in other laptop and get the same issue so im assuming its that.
can anybody point me in the right direction to get a replacement mainboard?

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