[P1620] Install SSD? Actuate BlueTooth?

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[P1620] Install SSD? Actuate BlueTooth?

Postby HenryFuji » Sat Jun 26, 2010 16:37

P 1620 part # FPCM 21423, owned since 2008. Running XP Pro SP3, MS Office Pro 2003.

1. WiFi works well, catalog sheet says that FPCM 21423 comes with BlueTooth, and I can see three BT software files, but cannot figure out how to start BT up. Presumably something obvious I am overlooking!

2. Present drive is 80 GB PATA, 4000 rpm. For ruggedness, I would like to install a solid state drive. 64 GB would be enough. Is there a SSD available to fit? Am I better off to stick with the disk drive?

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