Fujitsu T4410, Windows 7 64 bit, Fingerprint reader problem

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Fujitsu T4410, Windows 7 64 bit, Fingerprint reader problem

Postby macaroni » Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:12

Hello all, just wanted to ask if anyone else has run into this. I bought the T4410 and immediately added an extra 2gb ram, and a new hard drive and did a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit - assuming that since all the drivers were available on Fujitsu's site, 64 bit would work no problem. So all the drivers installed w/o problems, but - the fingerprint reader is not working. Well after some calls, it appears that the omni pass software was not re-installed (my mistake - didn't even realize it needed extra software) So we downloaded that, but trying to register a fingerprint basically comes up with the message to the effect that 'no hardware' is installed. OK, so we go to device manager to double check, and sure enough the Authentec driver is installed - no problem with the device or driver at all. So what happened - I'm totally lost? Anybody run into this? Some people on other forums are saying it doesn't work in 64 bit, but I'm not convinced, after all, why provide a driver if it hasn't been tested? Also why would OmniPass provide their software for 64 bit Windows 7 and claim it works, but it doesn't? What am I missing? Anyone? Sure would appreciate some help..... :?

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Re: Fujitsu T4410, Windows 7 64 bit, Fingerprint reader prob

Postby maier64 » Thu Jul 15, 2010 13:01

It works perfectly in 64bit, you have to deinstall the driver and use Windowsupdate to get the correct software.
Don't ask why, it's just one of those things.

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Re: Fujitsu T4410, Windows 7 64 bit, Fingerprint reader prob

Postby T4410HELP » Tue Jul 20, 2010 20:35

Finally got this working correctly in Windows 7 64bit without having to purchase software. The standard windows driver (once you remove and update the Authentec AES 2550 driver via the device manager) does not provide a password bank for IE8, or Firefox.

This T4410 has the P8700 chip, 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 64bit and an Intel 128GB 25nm SSD drive. It zings along quite nicely with a read spead of 200MB/s and write speed of 100MB/s to the SSD. The thumbprint scanner is something I've become to rely on (mostly UPEK via USB) to keep strong passwords stored for various web based applications.

So after a few hours of messing around, here's what worked:

1. Remove the Windows 7 driver for the Authentec AES2550 (Device Manager) and allow it to install automatically via Windows update.
2. Uninstall anything (using the Add/Remove Programs control panel application) that refers to Truesuite, or Authentic software. Reboot.
3. Install the Vitakey software from here: Reboot. You'll need to set up the software via the EgisTec program group (System setup app) from your Start Menu.
4. The driver version for Authentec AES2550 from windows device manager should read I couldn't get the software working with any other version of the driver. Windows update seems to have an older don't update the driver via Windows Update.

Now you'll be able to log in to windows with a scan. Also, when you visit a password protected site via IE8, the Vitakey applet will pop up to ask if you wish to save the password. From there on in, it's just a matter of scanning a print to get access. This does not work with Firefox at all which is the one downside to this setup.

Hope this helps.

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