[S7220] Scroll wheel disabled on external PS/2 mouse

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[S7220] Scroll wheel disabled on external PS/2 mouse

Postby Nick S » Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:52

I have just received my corporate Lifebook S7220, with docking station (or port replicator) which has a PS/2 port on it. I plug into the PS/2 port a splitter (Y-cable) with my Fujitsu-Siemens keyboard and Fujitsu-Siemens mouse (Logitech M-SBF69) on it. All works fine except for the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel switch works OK but not the scrolling action. The Synaptic touchpad, which shows as a PS/2 connected device, is disabled when the PS/2 mouse is attached - there is a BIOS setting for this which corporate policy does not allow me to change (?).

I'm running the latest patched version of Windows XP. Logitech says there is no need for a driver. The mouse never shows up in Devices - only the Synaptic touchpad is visible.

Why don't I just use a USB mouse? Well, I have a PS/2 KVM switch, and it would be nice to continue to use it.

I think that this is a BIOS issue. Any suggestions?

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Re: [S7220] Scroll wheel disabled on external PS/2 mouse

Postby amater » Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:06

I have the same issue on Lifebook E8310, E8110 and some Esprimo E PCs. I havent found any solution for this, so I switched to USB mice and the problem is gone :)
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