[S7210/P8010] PXE problem

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[S7210/P8010] PXE problem

Postby MattiasJ » Mon Nov 03, 2008 22:05

I have some problem with Lifebook S7210/P8010 and PXE boot. We are running a Windows server 2008 with WDS which is connected to a Cisco 3750E switch. We get an IP-address, but when we press “F12” it takes about 30 minutes before the WinPE image starts to load. The WinPE image will load so slowly that it timeout.
When I change the port-speed in the switch to 100Mbit it will load normally, but when I change it to auto (1000Mbit) or 1000Mbit it does not work. We are also using HP and Lenovo models but the work without any problems.

The network Controller in S7210 is Marvell Yukon 88E8055 and PXE fw is Yukon PXE v5.17.2.3.
I have tried to upgrade to the latest bios (S7210 = v1.09), but it does not matter.
I have been in touch with Marvell and got following answer:
“There is a newer version of the PXE firmware but this may only be updated by Fujitsu in a bios update, it is not possible for the end user to make this change.“

Is there a newer bios update available for S7210 and P8010?

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Re: [S7210/P8010] PXE problem

Postby Betawurst » Tue Aug 17, 2010 14:08

I have this problem too.
With the Lifebook e8310.
The network Controller is Marvell Yukon 88E8055
Yukon PXE
Bios Version 1.16 (05/31/2010)
Marvell Base Code v1.12.1.3 (20100312)

Has anyone found a solution?


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