[LB T4215] Tablet Lifebook Heating Problems, any solutions?

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[LB T4215] Tablet Lifebook Heating Problems, any solutions?

Postby Brett » Sat Apr 05, 2008 23:55

I have a LifeBook, T4215,

I use it for allot of things, but mainly to run Audio production applications (such as Ableton Live) and I have just noticed that it get's quite hot when I do audio production...
I have used a program that tells me the heat of my CPU and it got to 80 degrees celcius yesterday,

I was wondering, could I expect that running at 80 degrees celcius is going to damage my pc?

I haave noticed that the battery life of my laptop is not as long as it was when i got it. And it tends to crash for no reason sometimes.

Oh and I am also running windows vista.

I was also wondering if there was a way that I could keep the cpu cool, without compromising on computer performance? (i.e. fans, external cooling systems)



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Re: T4215 Tablet Lifebook Heating Problems, any solutions?

Postby tenchiten » Sun Apr 06, 2008 19:47

Try cleaning the cpu fan and heatsink first, a can of compressed air is usefull for this.
If you still have a heat problem following the clean out then you could try a laptop cooling pad, not expensive and they can do a good job.
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