[LB S7110] Core2duo t7400 with 4GB ram not possible?

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Re: [LB S7110] Core2duo t7400 with 4GB ram not possible?

Postby MM. » Tue May 18, 2010 9:27

Not good news for me as well. Yesterday I tried to upgrade my S7110 to have 4GB of RAM. No success, BIOS counts only 3.3GB...
I'ma little disappointed with Fujitsu-Siemens, a large and responsible company, which says that the S7110 supports up to 4GB of RAM, but actually only support 3GB....
If the fault of the chipset, as mentioned above, this means that the S7110 users are unable to have this computer to 4GB of RAM memory and DualChannel mode.
In order to maintain DualChannel mode, you should use two memory modules of 1GB (1GBx1GB). If you want more memory it will not be able to DualChanel mode.

S7110 this mean you do not have access to 4GB and DualChannel mode at the same time.
Memory expansion options are available:
2GB (1GBx1GB) and have DualChannel Mode
3GB (1GBx2GB) without DualChannel Mode
and 3.3GB (2GBx2GB) which I do not understand ...

now my computer has 3GB of RAM - 1GB and 2GB plate.

If it is true, Fujitsu-Siemens should at least admit to customers that have made a mistake, and showing respect for clients and maintaining a good company name.

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