[E8110] Lifebook dual display issue

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[E8110] Lifebook dual display issue

Postby shanzek » Mon Jun 04, 2007 14:34

I have a Lifebook E8110 notebook that I shuttle back and forth from work to home. At work I have the docking station, and a 17" HP1740 flat panel display for a second display. At home I usually use it standalone.

If I undock the notebook and take it home, where it runs as a single display, then return to work, the second display is not recognized when I reboot in the docking station. I have to go into display properties and check the 'extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor' checkbox.

I'm running Windows XP SP2 loaded by our help desk, not Vista.

Any fixes?

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Re: [E8110] Lifebook dual display issue

Postby honnelsohonn » Mon Dec 01, 2008 14:44

im having a similar problem
but i wana use my laptop screen and the projector screen as dual screens
when i choose to extend my desktop onto the projector monitor, it shows only the desktop pic with no icons on it and no taskbar, i doesnt show anything i try to open on my laptop screen, just the desktop static pic.
can u help me with this problem ?

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Re: [E8110] Lifebook dual display issue

Postby CHW99 » Thu Jul 09, 2009 14:24

[E8410] Lifebook external display. i have similar problems on my e8410. with mine the external display software won't install, thus preventing the external monitor function. [Removed by moderator due to non-compliance with forum rules.]

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Re: [E8110] Lifebook dual display issue

Postby Lars FTS » Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:26


I would like to help all of you with this issue.
If you already have an open call at Fujitsu Support, can you please send me a private message with your customer ID or S/N of the system affected by the issue, so that I am able to provide you with support the "official" way.
If not, it would be helpful if you send me a private message containing all necessary data regarding the issue:
- first name, last name
- address
- country
- telephone number
- e-mail address
- S/N of the affected system
- short detailed error description

I will then open a new Service Call in our Support database and contact you the "official" way.

Thank you for your assistance.

Lars - FTS

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Re: [E8110] Lifebook dual display issue

Postby FJLava » Mon Dec 07, 2009 15:48

Guys i have similar issue and i posted my exact problem here


I have now upgraded through work to an S7220 (big deal you may say) and the same problem happens.

If i use my laptop undocked whenever i then use it docked the primary display switches to my vga output and not the dvi. This only seems to happen when windows loads.


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Re: [E8110] Lifebook dual display issue

Postby amater » Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:28

This is normal when you extend the desktop. Now if you want to display anthing on the extended (blank) desktop, you have to start an application (PowerPoint for example) you have to Restore Down the application window, so that you can drag it around the screen and then drag it all the way right so that it's outside your primary desktop and it will show up on the extended (blank) desktop. Now you can maximize the application window.

If you want to simplify the proces you have to use Clone mode rather than extended desktop. To do this, just turn on your notebook wait for the os to load. Then connect the projector via the VGA or DVI cable and then press Fn+F10 key. This will blank your notebook display and fire up the projector. Now pres Fn+F10 key again and it will fire up your notebook display as well. Now you have a standard presentation clone set-up. To disable the projector just press Fn+F10. Now the picture is only on your notebook display.
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