[Pi 2550] Will installation of W7 affect my recovery?

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[Pi 2550] Will installation of W7 affect my recovery?

Postby tellet » Fri Nov 04, 2011 16:17

Hi, I have a small question- I want to install a Win7 on my Pi2550 but the problem is, that i don't have DVD recovery discs. What partition should I backup to protect my recovery (Vista HB, and all the drivers)?
I have two partitions:
C:\"System": 147GB
D:\ "DATA": 20,9GB (It was something like 70 before i've shrunk it)
And on the C:\ I see the Drivers Folder, but on D:\ there are 530 files, 37MB each called SRW(some letters).tmp
Also, in disk managment I have a hidden 12GB Partition.
So, where is the FS recovery option?

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Re: [Pi 2550] Will installation of W7 affect my recovery?

Postby incek82 » Tue Dec 27, 2011 21:32


It shouldn't affect recovery partition, cause it's a different partition. My suggestion is to move your private files to external hdd, recover your original system, make backup on dvd. Then restart your system and boot the system from dvd with Win7. During installation you have a possibility to chose proper partition (which must be formatted while installation of Win7) and install Win7 on a clean c:/ partition.
Check your manual which button shall be pressed for recovery of your original system, cause it varies with manufacturers.

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