[Pi1536] nothing on screen

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[Pi1536] nothing on screen

Postby kaub0st3r » Wed Oct 19, 2011 16:49

hi every one!

i have one amilo Pi1536 and my screen was black, i see some led and the screen change the light but not appears nothing and i lisen the hd working.
i think the problem is the bios, because on another laptop appeans the same but if i make a reset(little button on board) the other start working sucessufully. i like make reset on mi amilo but i not know why.

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Re: [Pi1536] nothing on screen

Postby Z4CHARiAS » Mon Jul 02, 2012 21:52

just take off ur BIOS battery for a couple of minutes.
boot it up, reset optimal preferences, r default onde, and there u go.

otherwise its the motherboard, thats already broken.

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