Amilo Li 1705 Hardware Problem ?

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Amilo Li 1705 Hardware Problem ?

Postby mechman10 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 16:32

Hello, im wonderng f anyone can help with a problem i have, I have an Amilo Li 1705, running Vista home with all updates & service packs, recently the machine has been shutting off, then restarting, sometimes with a check disk, or going to the desktop normally, with a message something like "windows had recovered from a serious error and is checking for a solution" but never tells me what!, the last few times its directed me to a HP support document ???? which is great if u have a Hewlett Packard !!, the machine has been lagging for some time,..i have de-fragged, run all sorts of antnispyware tools etc,..all to no avail,i have run the Vista disk and run the "repair my computer" section, done the "startup problem "etc,..still nothing !there is a memory test i ran off the disk, and after a minute or so it says " windows has detected hardware problems" and to contact the manufacturer ?!
This problem is random, it may start fine,..then a message pops up saying " a host process was stopped" or "windows media player sharing has stopped working", sometimes "windows explorer too :( , as you can see im out of ideas so any help would be appreciated, many thanks

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Re: Amilo Li 1705 Hardware Problem ?

Postby Caretaker » Wed Jul 27, 2011 13:53

Hi Mick,
at first i thought you have an hardware defect because often when the system is shutting of - no shutting down, just black and then restarting - there seems to be problems with the memory or the mainboard. But as there are many problems with different processes, windows explorer, windows media player and so on i would recommend you to reinstall the operating system to find out if the problems where caused by Hardware or the OS.

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