AMILO La 1703 - WIFI Upgrade

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AMILO La 1703 - WIFI Upgrade

Postby poke » Tue Mar 08, 2011 0:20


Does anyone know if it's possible to insert a WIFI miniCard (a/b/g/n) that is compatible with the E25 motherboard with latest Bio. The current D2301 MiniCard doesn't pick up any signal whatsoever - even when there are routers nearby. I've tried an Intel 5100 miniCard but that wasn't recognized as present by Windows. Could this be a Fujitsu motherboard bios block or is it a problem with Windows Vista Home Basic 32bit SP2 - one that could be solved through a registry key entry? Alternatively is it a case of Intel and AMD kit refusing to work together?

If anyone has had the same issue with the D2301 and overcome it though an WIFI miniCard upgrade then please let me know.

Any help or guidance much appreciated as it'd be great to get WIFI working.

Many thanks

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Re: AMILO La 1703 - WIFI Upgrade

Postby nemo92380 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 19:28


I own an Amilo La 1703 with Vista OS and i updated it to Seven 32 bits with no problem about Wifi.
The chipset is SIS 163 U and the driver is the one given on FTS download center.

I join a copy of my computer devices manager to show you the reference of the driver used.

Hope it will useful to your problem.
WiFi Driver.jpg
Device Manager for Wifi driver
WiFi Driver.jpg (87.34 KiB) Viewed 11593 times

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