Pi1536 - Blu Ray Recorder

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Pi1536 - Blu Ray Recorder

Postby incek82 » Mon Mar 07, 2011 15:55

I would like to share with my latest achievement: I've installed without any problem Blu Ray Recorder with ATA connector to my Pi1536. The recorder was manufactured by Panasonic (Matshita) and the model is UJ-220 and UJ-225 will run as well. It's running perfectly on my laptop and it's compatible with Pi1537 / Pi1556 / Pi1557 / Xi1526 / Xi1527 / Xi1546 / Xi1547 cause it's the same platform. All you need is unscrew one screw, take out the old dvd-rw drive, take out the bezel, put the bezel to new drive, put in the new drive and screw it back.
REMEMBER: You need WUXGA LCD (1920x1200) to watch FullHD movies!

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Re: Pi1536 - Blu Ray Recorder

Postby Z4CHARiAS » Mon Jul 02, 2012 22:02

incek82 wrote:REMEMBER: You need WUXGA LCD (1920x1200) to watch FullHD movies!

i see, so it uses same connections. 2 bad no hdmi port is available.
anyways, i saw you had some issues when mounting new screen on some other thread, the cable i believe wasnt compatible. how u tweaked dat. i didnt go that back on you previous post.

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