Amilo Xa1526 - power switch problem

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Amilo Xa1526 - power switch problem

Postby PaulH » Mon Oct 25, 2010 21:25

I'm hoping for some help with my Xa 1526 laptop which has got a problem with the power on switch. It is starting to not power up when I press the switch, and as it is out of warranty I was hoping to take off the casing and see if I can replace the switch (there are four similar switches nearby controlling the fan etc., and I want to see if I can swop one of them over).

There don't seem to be any instructions available on the Fujitsu support website for dis-assembly / re-assembly. I've read a few posts talking about removing parts of the casing to replace the keyboard - and I have successfully taken apart and repaired laptops before, but I need a diagram or a picture to work to!

I've attached a picture of the switch position (the power switch is the right-most switch). If any one can help I'll be very pleased. The laptop is 3 months out of extended warranty which is really bad timing...

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Xa1526 power switch
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Re: Amilo Xa1526 - power switch problem

Postby MikeyMouse » Thu Jan 20, 2011 11:30

IF the button has stopped working then I suspect that there is a small circuit board under the row of buttons with the actual power switch in it. I suspect you'll have to replace that rather than the button itself. I would imagine this plastics that the buttons sit in will just pull off, they do with most laptops. You will then see if the actual power switch is part of those plastics or a seperate part under the buttons. If it is separate part then you can test the button/switch directly to see if it powers everytime.

You can buy parts for most Fujitsu products from ACAL Supply Chain on 01925251608. So once you've workout what needs replacing give them a call and they should eb able to gett he corrct parts for you to get it working again.

You may find thats it has nothing to do with the button though and may find it better/cheapr to replace the notebook.


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Re: Amilo Xa1526 - power switch problem

Postby KooolaNL » Fri Apr 15, 2011 13:21


I'd say its just a failing connection between the circuit board and the actual button
Remove the plastic cover and look for any dirt/dust around the contact

then clean it with alcohol and doen

Fujitsu laptops are easy to dissasamble just use common sense and work slow u wont break anything

First time i dissasambled my xi2528 i made pictures with numbers of where wat screw went

Nothing went wrong and laptop still does fine

Take your time and open up your laptop and get it done

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