PI2515 No Sound

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PI2515 No Sound

Postby funboy4free » Tue Nov 10, 2009 15:43

Can anyone please help. I have had my PI2515 laptop now for 18 months and no problems up until the other week. A friend of mine reinstalled Vista on it for me as I had a virus and the friend cleaned everything off. It is now working fine other than the fact I have no sound. Even when it starts up and I get the Vista logo there is nothing. If I try and play a CD etc the Media Player just says cannot play this file. Any ideas would be most appreciated.


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Re: PI2515 No Sound

Postby dr.hook » Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:13

I have AMILO Pa 2548 one year and I have problem with sound and camera almost two month. Every day same problem exist, red cross on the speaker and write this ,,no audio output device is instaled''.
I try everything with device menager, reinstall realtec and searching in google but problem with sound not solved.
Have anybody same problem and did you know how can I fix it?
I have on the top of notebook web cam Bison and show only blue light but not working and I can't find camera in Vista (Home Premium).

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Re: PI2515 No Sound

Postby mak777 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:27

Well, I have yesterday joined this forum to get answer for the same problem but now I have already found it at noaudiooutput.com

Will be back if any further assistance needed.

Thank you for letting me join the Forum...

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Re: PI2515 No Sound

Postby Ichijoe » Thu Apr 08, 2010 16:04

Question, how did your "Friend" manage to reinstall your OS (I'm guessing VHP 32Bit here)?

One of the first thing I attempted when I received my Laptop, was to run the Backup Installer, which I met with less then stellar results. Thankfully I was able to request such Install Media under the Warranty Period. Which came with the standard VHP x86(32Bit) OS from Microsoft, Microsoft Works / Office 2007 STE, an Applications Disk and more importantly the Driver Disk.

Your lack of Sound, sounds like a classic Driver Problem to me. This should be fairly simple to find out though.

Start -> Control Panel -> (Switch to "Classic View"!!) -> Device Manager: To bring up the Device Manager Applet.

If you find a load of Yellow "!"s everywhere this is a surefire sign that you are in need of Drivers, Red "X"s could be an indication of poorly (or incorrectly installed Drivers.

In which case I could offer you this Link: http://support.ts.fujitsu.com/com/suppo ... loads.html
which should, help you to track down such Drivers that you might still have outstanding.

A proper Device Manager should be closed up without any "!"s or "X"s visible.
In such a case, where your Sound is still not ~working~, I would advise you check the Mute Button(s) (i.e. Hardware / Software).

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