[Xa3530] White spring under key broken.

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[Xa3530] White spring under key broken.

Postby roysmits » Tue Sep 22, 2009 20:04


My insert (0) key of my numpad is broken. It came lose from the keypad.
The white spring under the key is broken. I phoned the service desk and they
told me i have to replace the whole keyboard at a service center. I have to
send my laptop or bring it to a servicecenter. Is there any way to order just
the white spring, so i can repair it myself?

Anyone help?


Roy (The Netherlands)

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Re: [Xa3530] White spring under key broken.

Postby kyle98 » Wed Jul 21, 2010 18:04

Hello, the best you can do is get a replacement key, I too had a broken hinge under the ENTER key and recently got a new key kit from http://www.laptopkey.com , they sell individual keys at a very reasonable price and they service is great ... I got by keys in just 3 days :)

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