Amilo Pi 2512 will not boot up

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Amilo Pi 2512 will not boot up

Postby iwoo » Sun Mar 01, 2009 13:57

My Pi will not boot up properly, it boots as far as the Fujitsu welcome screen then stops until I press F12 and select the hard drive manually.

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Re: Amilo Pi 2512 will not boot up

Postby vnvnvn2000 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:00

What error message do you get from XP Iso Builder?

Which Sata-driver did you use? You will need the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

Follow this steps:

#1 Download ...
Unzip and run.

Make sure you don't have any floppy drive installed on a: , if so go to My Computer (right click) - Hardware - Device Manager and uninstall all floppy disk controllers.

Go to VFD Control Panel - Driver: Press Install, Start
- Drive0: Open/Create - Press Create , Format - OK, Drive Letter - Change to A: and click on to Persistent/Global

#2 Download ... =&lang=eng

Run f6flpy32.exe from the archive and wait finnish his job
Copy all files from A: to some specific directory on your hdd

#3 Download ... taller.exe
Install and Run, check integrate driver and choose yout specific directory from your hdd containing SATA Drivers

#4 Burn a cd with your new Windows XP installation kit.

#5 Put the new cd into the CD/DVD Driver and start install windows.

Have fun


Re: Amilo Pi 2512 will not boot up

Postby fujitsuhelp » Tue Jan 04, 2011 17:09

i need help with my fujitsu amilo pi 2512 laptop. i uninstalled my printer from my laptop, and it asked me to restart my laptop, which i did but it does not load past the status loading up bar. i have turned the laptop off and restarted it again but it still does the same thing. i also restarted it in safe mode (f12) but i cannot access the internet or anything else that is saved on my laptop.
could someone please tell me what to do,

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Re: Amilo Pi 2512 will not boot up

Postby Ichijoe » Sun Jan 09, 2011 19:13

I'd do a Physical Hardware check:
Hard Disk Drive
CMOS Battery

If any of those things became loose (Keyboard, RAM), that could cause the Computer to hang.
If the HDD has failed on you, it to could cause this ~hang~
A dead CMOS Battery will loose all the configurations that are on the BIOS.
But, I think it's a bit soon though given that the Battery should last 'round 10 Years though.

If by uninstalling some Driver has left you with out a working Copy of your OS, because it like broke something.
Then your only option might be to try and get into Safe Mode and Grab what ever you can and do a clean install.
If your lucky enough to still have your Rescue Partition, the now might be a good time to use it (i.e. F4 at startup instead of F8).
If not then you'll have to do a Clean Install of your OS again. (i.e. Reformat it).

Just note that if you ~do~ have a Rescue Partition you DO NOT want to reformat that Drive, as you'll wipe the entire Drive.
That's what happened to me, thankfully I did that after I turned my PI2550 on for the first time so Fujitsu-Siemens (at the time), had to send me the Physical Discs per Post.
Which begs the question why couldn't they have just packaged those Disks in the first place?

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