[M7440G] suddenly stopped

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[M7440G] suddenly stopped

Postby metaal » Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:24

While listening to youtube I changed to the next song
all sound was suddenly gone
both normal sound ,as well system sounds are not working(I checked the sound settings in the control panel (it is set to notebook speakers) and not even system sounds were working while I pressed the play button)

I have a legal winxp prof SP3 fully updated
After the sound problem, I downloaded and installed the sound drivers from Fujitsu Siemens' website
and after that a windows update (with no new results), but still no sound.

any thoughts are welcome
all devices are working a-okay according to windows devices overview in the control panel

as said before: all sound suddenly stopped working while switching from one song to the next one. switching back to the old song didnt work (that one also now has no sound)
volume is on, the soundwheel left on the notebook is set to halfway (turning it left or right doesnt make a difference)
the AC97 Audio Configuration is set to speaker
forgot anything to check?

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Re: [M7440G] suddenly stopped

Postby exuser » Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:18

There is a small volume dial on the side of the laptop towards the back. You've probably brushed up against it by mistake and lowered the volume.

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Re: [M7440G] suddenly stopped

Postby propediotika » Sun Jun 21, 2009 13:45

Did you try to plug some headphones?
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