[Xi1526] Vista X64 4GB?

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[Xi1526] Vista X64 4GB?

Postby DawidBuchwald » Thu Aug 21, 2008 15:13


I have Amilo Xi 1526 notebook, currently equipped with 2GB of RAM. I have seen all the threads related to 2,5GB BIOS limitation on various versions of Xi models. I also read that such limitation does not apply to Xa versions - somebody tried, and both X64 Linux and X64 Vista discovered and used 4GB of RAM memory (regardless of what BIOS said!). I am aware of the Alienware BIOS workaround, but this is not an option for me, as I really don't want to loose warranty.

So, here is the question: has anyone tried to install Vista X64 on a Xi 1526 (or similar Xi model) with 4GB of RAM? How did it go? Were you able to install OS (drivers?) and did system discover all the memory installed?

Thanks for your answers,
Dawid Buchwald

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Re: [Xi1526] Vista X64 4GB?

Postby maxpaine » Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:27

a new bios 1.26 does it works for 4gb??

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Re: [Xi1526] Vista X64 4GB?

Postby facey » Sat Oct 11, 2008 4:13

I installed the 1.26 bios on my xi1546 and the system would not start with 4 gig of ram in it. It just gave a single beep then reset itself continuously giving a beep each time. I've had to revert to Alienware bios.

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