[Pi2515] Power Issue

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[Pi2515] Power Issue

Postby Messiah22 » Tue Apr 29, 2008 14:13

Can anyone help?

My laptop froze yesterday so I turned it off using the normal power key - now it seems like there is no power going to the machine and it won't turn on whatsoever.

No lights are on and even with the mains battery attached it is not charging.

Is it beyond repair or in some sort of "sleep" mode that I don't know about??? (I'm running Windows Vista by the way)


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Re: [Pi2515] Power Issue

Postby ProtoByte » Tue Apr 29, 2008 15:56


Detach everything from your laptop(usb, power supply, ...).
Try to start your laptop. If it's start there is a problem witch your usb, powersupply or ... ,
if not remove your battery and connect your power supply and try again.
If it's start it can be your battery that gives problems.
If not i think it's a problem witch your laptop.

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