[Amilo Li 1718] Touchpad button failure?

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[Amilo Li 1718] Touchpad button failure?

Postby Spookey » Mon Mar 24, 2008 16:20

Just purchased a shiney new Amilo Li 1718 and for the first day the right hand button (touchpad) worked fine but 2 days later and it doesn't seem to respond at all. Left button and touchpad itself work just fine - HELP! It's only 3 days old and going wrong already?? :cry:

Tried rebooting - no change.
Swapped buttons via control panel and 'actual' left button works but 'actual physical' right button still gives no response.

I'm getting really bothered as I had to buy on a budget and now it's all going wrong :( - I use the right mouse click an awful lot and am lost without it - please can anyone suggest anything?

S. x

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Re: Touchpad button failure?

Postby matt-hall-08 » Mon Mar 24, 2008 18:38

One Tip:

Use an external mouse?
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