[AMILO Li1718] HDBR - Hard Disked Based Recovery

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[AMILO Li1718] HDBR - Hard Disked Based Recovery

Postby matt-hall-08 » Sun Feb 03, 2008 18:36

Hello all,

Having just recently used the Fujitsu Siemens HDBR (Hard Disked Based Recovery) feature on my Amilo Laptop, I was just wondering if anyone else had used it and whether they have had good or bad experiences with such software.

I actually thought when I first got the laptop that the 12GB space it takes up, was wasted because Vista actually has a System Restore feature built in. However, there are only so many restore points that can be created and it takes away your disk very quickly. The good thing about the HDBR however, is that it is on a partition that stays at 12GB, no matter how long you own the computer for! I used the feature to restore my system, after I stupidly deleted the FirstSteps files because I thought the software wasn't working.

I then came on this forum to find that all you have to do is the Run as Administrator and it now works without a problem.

If you have used the HDBR, please post your experiences below. Also, if you want any help or advice before you try it, or even after post it here and I will try my best to answer your queries.

Thanks and Happy Computing!

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Postby Bejje » Sun Feb 03, 2008 19:37

I have used it and it's very simple and fast and when it's done the operating system is reinstalled with all the drivers and software that came with the computer.

If you havn't done it yet I suggest that you also create recovery discs in case that the computer crashes or that the recovery partition is damaged. You will be needing 3 DVD's for that.

Regarding deleting the partition I don't know. It should be possible to delete it from disk management in windows. Otherwise some partition software like partitionmagic might do the trick.
// David

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