[Amilo A] Need help asap !!

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[Amilo A] Need help asap !!

Postby Shamanda » Fri Feb 01, 2008 15:42

Hello guys i have a BIG problem here.

Lastnight i install Windows Vista x32 at my amilo a1650 i found that i dont like it and get back to windows XP .. i done the installation ( befor that i do FULL FORMAT ) when WinXP boot for 1st time i start installing CPU drivers. When i install the CPU drivers i restart my pc . at the booting all was looking fine . but after the Welcome logo my laptop shutdown i try to boot it normal 5 times now but nothing .

The strange is coming when i run windows at safe mode .. 30min now and no problems.

Befor i do the new install i clean the coolder (FAN) and around the CPU from dusts etc with air spray ( dont know the word at english "sorry")

Do you guys think that make a problems to my CPU somthing that i did?

All is seems runing normal . CPU working => Install new windows XP and some drivers

FANs= working away better now with the cleaning = no heating

I have not install graphic drivers yet i'm thinking that maybe the graphic card is the problem now (not sure),

Please guys help me what make my laptop turnOFF after Booting progress ?

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Postby amater » Fri Feb 01, 2008 16:13

I'm 99% sure that the drivers you installed are the reason why your system crashes. If it worked OK before you installed them and if it still works OK in the safe mode, than it's most likely the driver's fault. Uninstall the driver (in safe mode) then reboot the system and boot normally in Windows. Check what's going on with the system now. If all works OK, don't install the driver or at least try to find a newer one. Maybe the one you have is not compatible with XP SP2. Maybe XP SP2 already have this driver included...
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Postby Shamanda » Fri Feb 01, 2008 16:27

Hmm i start windows at last good porking and all seems fine. i use the CD that is coming with the laptop to install all dravers that is needed. however i still dont know why that happen .

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