[AMILO Li1718] FirstSteps Diagnostics for Amilo Li 1718

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[AMILO Li1718] FirstSteps Diagnostics for Amilo Li 1718

Postby Darth Amilo » Fri Dec 07, 2007 8:48


I had to re-install Vista on my Amilo Li1718 which went without a problem, and all the software bar the Fujitsu-Siemens FirstSteps Diagnostic utility is working fine.

I've tried running FirstSteps as administrator and it starts to load but then stops working, and I can't see why. Vista comes up with an error message and says the program has stopped working. No other info given.

I've searched the installation disks that came with the PC but can't find the program. Is there any way I can uninstall FirstSteps then re-install it as it's very useful - is there a link anywhere for a download? Does Fujitsu-Siemens provide support for this software?

Very grateful for any help.

Darth Amilo
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Info on re-installing First Steps - can't be done

Postby Darth Amilo » Fri Dec 07, 2007 14:42

I was unable to do a restore using First Steps so had to use the Vista Recovery CD. This effectively corrupted First Steps, which now doesn't run properly. Came across this info after searching. May be useful to others.

"The program First Steps is a part of the preinstalled operating system. If the recovery disk was used to install Windows Vista anew, First Steps is not available anymore. We recommend to use the Hard Disk Based Recovery (HDBR) instead of using the recovery disk. So it is possible to have the factory delivery state again."

Values of First Steps aside, I think it's a little daft to include this prog as part of the preinstalled operating system. I'm sure there are valid reasons for doing this, but sometimes (as in my case) a recovery was only possible using the recovery CD.

If anyone from Fujistu-Siemens reads this, could you please consider making First Steps available as a download on your website?


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HDBR Works!

Postby matt-hall-08 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 18:51

I too had this same problem with my Li 1718. I used the Hard Disk Based Recovery system provided by Fujitsu Siemens and my FirstSteps is running fine as long as I right click on the icon and select "Run as administrator". The process to use the HDBR on this Amilo is as follows:

Upon system startup, when Fujitsu Siemens Computer logo displays, press and hold F8. A menu screen will appear. Choose "Repair your system", the log in with your name and password that you would normally use when you log on. Then another menu shall appear, choose the Fujitsu Siemens recovery option. The recovery process will start and took me around 10 minutes to complete. WARNING! ALL PERSONAL DATA WILL BE ERASED! After this, the computer goes back as thought it had just been bought and all the software at original purchase, (including FirstSteps) will be there! The recovery went with no problems for me, although i had to delete the ISP folder in C: as it was stopping my wireless networking from working. Good luck with this, and I would highly recommend it if you want FirstSteps to work again, or if you just want the delievery state of the laptop! Thanks Matt! :D

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