[Li1718] wireless connection not working properly

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[Li1718] wireless connection not working properly

Postby jensenmo » Wed Aug 29, 2007 21:53


Last week I bought an Amilo Li 1718. Yesterday I had it replaced because the Wireless adapter would only occassionally (as in on a per reboot basis kind of lottery) show up in the Vista device manager. Also there was a problem whereby when I browse PC's (either XP or Linux/Samba) over the network the connection would "hang" when I try to access shares, i.e. the directory contents would never return and eventually the request would time out with some error or other about missing permissions.

So I got a new one and while the missing network adaptor disappeared the the problem with browsing Windows or Samba shares (or SSH and even SCP) will "hang" as if TCP packets go missing (I haven't checked with a network sniffer yet but that's probably the next task).

There's nothing wrong with the wireless network as I have two other wireless devices (another laptop and a USB Wi-Fi adaptor) working perfectly well. Also, if I plug-in the network cable from the same network to the laptop everything works perfectly fine.

To me it looks like the Atheros wireless adaptor is simply not working properly at all.

Would anyone else have had similar experiences - and if so have you managed workaround or resolve them completely?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Postby matt-hall-08 » Fri Jan 18, 2008 19:11


This my sound really daft but here it goes.
I too had the same problem when I first bought this notebook, and after running FirstSteps, I saw some software to help you get an ISP. My wireless would not work and I could only connect via Wired Ethernet.

I would suggest that you go into Computer>System C:, and see if you have a folder called ISP, if so delete it. This contains software from AOL, Tiscali, and BT. I believe these software applications can block your internet connections if you do not use the software and sign up for their services. I deleted this (it takes up a ridiculous 200+MB), and now my wireless internet works fine. There is obviously not a problem with your router as you have tried other equipement and it works fine. Good luck with this, and post back and tell me how you got on

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