[Amilo M] Compatibility Issues M3438g+New Microsoft Vista

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[Amilo M] Compatibility Issues M3438g+New Microsoft Vista

Postby rrana1 » Fri Feb 09, 2007 13:57

Greetings All,

I have read around many forums with issues with Vista and the m3438g. Owning an m3438g laptop I took the plunge into upgrading to Vista Premium Edition..... but have ran into a few teething problems. Firstly the "fan" of the laptop continues to stay on at all times without ever slowing (constant on speed) - I trust this has something to do with the Nvidia Geforce Go 6800 drivers supplied automatically by Vista upon installation. To no avail I cannot 'stop the fan' even with the power fan button on the laptop.

When installing it is apparent that the vista cannot find a non-removable device to install to operating too (C: drive in many cases) - too fix this all that needs doing is to download the XP version of the VIA-RAID drivers on a USB Stick or CD Drive (if youre already into an installation with Vista you will need another computer! to download!) and manually select the driver from your USB Stick/CD Drive - this should for the time being let you install the Vista Operating System.

Secondly, as for the sound problems once again XP Realtek drivers will work fine from the original Drivers CD which FS Supplied (many have downloaded from Realtek and are experiencing choppy sounds from their laptop - touch wood nothing here to suggest that!)

So my request to all M3438g owners is - have you tried installing vista and somehow controlled the fan speed either with nvidia drivers or a third party programme? and if so then lets have it!

FS Please release some drivers for this laptop! and SOON 8)

BTW - Vista is flawless on this laptop with aeroglass and other features - well worth the upgrade - just wish I could sort out the constant fan issue!!


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