[Amilo M] Burning RITEKF1 / CMC MAG. AM3 - AMILO M1425

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[Amilo M] Burning RITEKF1 / CMC MAG. AM3 - AMILO M1425

Postby ba2 » Wed Feb 07, 2007 20:20

The struggle:
I have a AMILO M1425 with a NEC 6500 DVD/CD player and burner.
I bought a pack of TDK 16x DVD-R records (Medianame: CMC MAG. AM3). When trying to use my NEC 6500 and Nero to burn, I got the error "Illegal Disc". Then: trying another media: Traxdata 16x (RITEKF1): Same error.

The infosearch:
Trying to find why this happen, I thumble ower following info:
necflash_windows.zip allows me to pull out the firmware from my NEC DVD player and store it on a .bin-file. With the application MediaCodeSpeedEdit I am able to load the firmware and read out a list of supported medias. OK: My firmware 2.40 did neither list RITEKF1 nor CMC MAG. AM3. OK I find the 2.NO version of the firmware here download it and viewing with MediaCodeSpeedEdit. I find that 2.NO do have CMC MAG. AM3 listed, but not RITEKF1.

I took the risk and flashed the new firmware to my DVD player using the necflash_windows.zip utility. As expected: I am now able to burn CMC MAG. AM3 media, but not the RITEKF1 media. I choose to stop there, but the MediaCodeSpeedEdit suppose to have the capabilities to add new mwdias to the firmware, I choose not to take this risk.

To my big surprise: Each DVD drive do contain a list of supported brands of media. If a new brand come to the market, all drives need new firmware to support this brand of media. This seems strange, can anybody confirm this? Am I missing something?

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Postby si_harp » Wed Feb 07, 2007 22:04


Yer I was surprised when I first found out about firmware, I thought DVD-R's were just DVD-R's!!

I have the ND-6500A using firmware 2.03e with applied patches from here...

Direct link to version I use...
http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/disclaimer ... 1.zip.html

Read all the stuff on the page first!

Use necflash or similar to flash to it. I'm not 100% sure if it will work with the disks you have. At least there's the newest firmware for you to try. If still don't work, buy yourself some good media, I always use Verbatim stuff and have never had any problems on any media.

I'm no expect in this... best help I got was from here... http://club.cdfreaks.com/

Good luck. si

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firmware crossflashing worked for me.

Postby leffetripel » Wed May 30, 2007 15:21

i have crossflashed my drive with dell's oem version. :twisted:
it worked for me, however it is probably not a good warranty keeper. :D
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