[Amilo M] 3438G freeze/black scrn silent buttn resolves

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Postby Bluehair » Wed Mar 14, 2007 12:04

In France, buying a 6800 directly from FSC would cost a whooping 590€ (its part # is UWL:80-1P7100-C1 (VGA BOARD ASSY NV42M HYNIX 256MB REV.C1))! That is two-thirds of the price of the whole laptop nowadays ... The 7600 and 7900 are priced at 285 and 385€ respectively, shipping included; however, their installation does require a slight modification of the heatsink with a Dremel kind of tool -- There is one memory component that is a bit too tall according to what I read.

I know of two people who recently purchased two such cards to replace their busted 6800. They seem to work without mishap thus far; anyway, if you were to get one too, be sure to keep intact the thermal pads of your 6800 ... FSC don't sell them and it seems to be hard to find as efficient pads as theirs.

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Postby makdaddy » Tue Sep 18, 2007 14:42

ok thaught i would give you an update on the last 6 monts.

shortly after this thread was created i found that i had 3 years rtb warranty on my amilo 3438g, so i sent it back to be repaired.

the laptop was sent to service source europe in the UK.

it took nearly 2 months to be returned !! they had replaced the mainboard and the graphics card.

i had the laptop working for approx 10 days before the same fault happened again.

sent back to fujitsu / service source europe again..

they replaced the graphics card again and this time it took around 5 weeks to come back, up its return i unpacked it and found the back panel was hanging off and it would not boot..not even recognising it has power.

so it went off to fujitsu / service source europe..again.. i have spoken to them several times over the pas few weeks, they are replacing the mainboard and graphics card ...again

only time will tell if they resolve this long term

3 times in the last 6 months its been back for warranty repair.. thank god for 3 years rtb warranty ! .. i AM however wishing that i never splashed £1000 on this peice of crap laptop

never again will i trust in fujitsu seimens kit, since the (almost) constant loss of the laptop for the last 6 months my MSCE study has gone down the pan and my partners ebay business has hit rock bottom.

Thanks a bloody lot FSC and ServiceSource Europe

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Postby makdaddy » Thu Oct 04, 2007 23:49

got my laptop back on tuesday 02nd October... it works, but only see's 512mb of the 1gb of Ram installed.

I swapped the chips over and they both work fine in slot 1, but the chip in slot 2 is not being recognised..hmmm

i can go through it again.. 4 warranty repairs in 6 months.. i dont think so.

i will be looking for a replacement laptop or a full refund

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Postby StudioMusician » Sat Oct 27, 2007 1:30

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