[Amilo P] pi1556 low microphone sensitivity

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[Amilo P] pi1556 low microphone sensitivity

Postby tibor29 » Thu Dec 28, 2006 12:44

Please help me! I got my new fujistu siemens pi1556 laptop before 4 days. I love it. But i have a problem with sound recording. When I plug in a microphone (I already tried more mics) the recording is very quete and you can hear some fuss in the background. I have to put the volume to maximun to hear the record then. I tried setting everything, all volumes are to maximum, realtec hd audio manager is also setted up. I even reinstalled the sound drivers two times.
But I think i know what the problem is. Always when I connect a microphone to my laptop it is on and as I speak it plays my voice. Bassicly the microphone is always on (even the internal one) and it plays ´live´ all the noise around through the speakers or headphones. How can I turn this feature off? I think thats is the clue to my problem, but if you have anything elese that could cause this please please write it here. Do you think its a hardware problem? The line in works perfectly, its just the microphone.
I really dont want my new laptopl to go to the service.
Thanks in advice.

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Postby kwaq » Thu Jan 04, 2007 23:45

Try this: go to "Control Panel"->"Sounds and Audio Devices"*->"Audio" and then check in "Volume" for both Playback and Recording settings. When mixer shows up (that panel with volume controls) go to "Options" and check if there's option saying "Advanced Drivers"*. Click it. After doing so there should appear button labelled "Advanced" under microphone control. Click it. There should be two options:

1. Microphone Boost
2. Secondary Microphone*

Check both of them. Also when changing settings of Playback, check "Mute"* under Microphone control. (It'll disable "live mode").

*- I have Polish Windows so there be another names for some options
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