AMILO A1650G with Windows 7 or 8

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AMILO A1650G with Windows 7 or 8

Postby A_C_M » Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:38

Hello forum,

I got a six years old Amilo A1650g notebook. The only thing i've upgraded it since I bought it was the ram, replaced 2x256MB with 2x512MB.
Two years ago I was thinking about installing Windows 7 on it, but after installing it, I've conclused that its not working with this laptop. I was getting a WHITE SCREEN freeze, and my computer wasnt responding at all. I went back to the notebook's license (WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION).
When Windows 8 was released, I've migrated to it with my desktop and my other laptop, now I was thinking that maybe this will work on the laptop, so I bought an upgrade license, but after I've installed it, I had the exactly same problem, WHITE SCREEN FREEZE. This happens 1-2 minutes after the windows boots up, dont have time to install new drivers or stuff like that.
In Windows XP all wents well, I have no problems at all. The main reason I want to migrate to Windows 8 is for the centralization that Windows 8 offers and plus I've allready bought the upgrade license.

Thank you.

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