amilo Pa3553 - Recovery question

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amilo Pa3553 - Recovery question

Postby OlavNL » Fri Oct 05, 2012 15:09

If I would use the recovery CD to reinstall my system, will it also format and empty my D:\ drive or just my C:\ drive?
This because I have a problem on my C: drive. It seems that something in my profile is corrupt or something. I had picked up a trojan somewhere, but could remove it.
It boots terrribly slow, if it will boot anyway, and it creates a new profile with a new desktop.
I tried system restore, but that didn't work. Neither of the 5 previous restorepoints did work.
So I wanted to format and reinstall my C:\ drive but not my D:\ drive, that one contains many Gb of photo's and video's.


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Re: amilo Pa3553 - Recovery question

Postby sabrex » Fri Oct 05, 2012 17:28

(if Windows 7/vista) When you use the recovery disk and get to the partitoin screen - click Drive options advanced bottom right.
Click on your c: drive and delete - this then makes it unallocated space. Then click on the unallocated space and go NEW - apply the size and then format - then Next

your D: drive should be intact as you havent touched it

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