Li3710 Vista Basic Disc

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Li3710 Vista Basic Disc

Postby deggs5 » Tue Sep 11, 2012 22:38


Can any one send me a copy of their Vista Basic disc so i can re install the software or at least fix the MBR.
My laptop fan stopped working causing the laptop to get the blue screen of death.I opened the laptop up removed the fan and heat exchanger then removed all the fluff and crap off the fan and connecting hardware, (man it was clogged), put it all back together and rebooted my laptop, the fan works like new again but it says it cannot find the MBR (Master Boot Record), the only way to correct this is to have a Vista Basic OS disc,I cannot find my recovery discs at all......Please can some one help, I will pay a fee for delivery and or the disc via Paypal...Many thanks.

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