[pi3560] Bluetooth and Camera if F1 and F7 are bashed?

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[pi3560] Bluetooth and Camera if F1 and F7 are bashed?

Postby mechanicarts » Fri Apr 13, 2012 15:56


Some time ago my keyboard started malfunctioning, resulting in various keys like E, 3, 4, F1, F7, LShift etc not working.

I took it for cleaning and I took it back some days ago. However, they somehow disabled my bluetooth and camera (wifi works). I tried to reactivate them but no luck since my F1 and F7 keys do not work. I tried doing something through the bios but no relevant options.
I will take it to service in summer since I do not have time now, but I use bluetooth a lot and it has been a major annoyance not having it. Is there any other way besides FN+F1? I also tried to combine the laptops FN button with the F1 key of an external keyboard but it only reads F1.

Any help?

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Re: [pi3560] Bluetooth and Camera if F1 and F7 are bashed?

Postby sabrex » Thu Apr 19, 2012 13:18

FN+F1 =
WLAN SELECTOR.jpg (14.93 KiB) Viewed 9269 times

Suggestion have a look for the selector manual start possibly in this location:
C:\program files\launchmanager then double click wisWBset.exe (is the launcher)
This unit is different but the manual launcher must be in program files somewhere.

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