Amilo Pi 2530: no boot

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Amilo Pi 2530: no boot

Postby JVG » Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:01

Hi all,

I have a problem with a Pi-2530: it does not boot. All what I get is the Fujitsu/Siemens boot display (ONLY on external monitor) but with some noisy vertical bars on it, and then display goes dark and does nothing else. CPU fan starts after power on and, after a while, stops. CPU keeps running and also does GPU, as both get hot to the touch.

My doubt is if that means a bad VGA card or a bad mainboard. If it is the mainboard, I guess I will trash the unit. But the VGA can be replaced for a reasonable cost. Is there a way to check what is bad?. As the internal monitor does not display anything, I am guessing towards the VGA card, but I am unsure.

BTW, I have tried to remove everything: internal WiFi card, RAM, HD and so on, but the result is the same (except that with no RAM there is no display, as it seems logical)

Thanks and best regards,

Valencia - Spain

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